The FGI Federation in the PACA region of France was created in 1993 and now comprises 70 guide/interpreters based along the Côte d'Azur, some of them in Provence. Each guide is accredited with a professional card awarded by the Ministers of Tourism and Culture which enables them to give guided tours with commentary in the museums and historical monuments.

This Regional or National guide card is awarded only upon passing an examination based on studies in History of Art, Civilisation and Languages. As well as the more standard languages required in the region, the Federation has guides who speak some of the rarer languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Portuguese. The guides/interpreters tend to work mostly in their local sectors; the Côte d'Azur and Monaco, Toulon and the Var, Marseille, Aix and Avignon, although there are some who are able to travel the circuit with a group over several days throughout Provence or even over other regions within France.

The Federation offers both French and foreign clients an internet based system of checking the availability of guides and suggests that any client wishing to book a particular guide should contact them directly for their services or necessary information.

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